Usage Terms

Thank you for wanting to use the images we've shot of various fashion events and fashion weeks.

We simply ask that you follow the guidelines below.

For online magazine / e-zine / blog usage:

  • Credit is mandatory in the following format:  photographer / SDR Photo.
  • All AFI events require the designer and event (eg. MB Fashion Week Cape Town) to be mentioned.
  • A link of usage is emailed to SDR Photo for our records to send to the relevant designer / fashion week.

For print / magazine / newspaper usage:

  • Credit is mandatory in the following format:  photographer / SDR Photo.
  • An email is sent to us with a PDF of usage if possible.
  • All AFI owned events require the designer / event in the credit.
  • Please note that images may ONLY be used for editorial purposes.

Designers wishing to use these images:

  • Designers may use these images for Facebook only, and a credit is mandatory.
  • Unless otherwise specified, these images are not for designer's use without negotiated agreement with SDR, as each fashion week has unique terms of usage.
  • No images shot at an AFI event in SA may be used by designers without agreement by SDR for AFI.
  • Credit is mandatory for all allowed usage.
  • Should you be in doubt, please contact SDR Photo with your questions.

Personal usage / Models / etc usage:

  • Models and personal usage of these images is allowed under the following guidelines,
  • All images posted to sites such as Facebook must carry the credit:  photographer / SDR Photo.
  • Any other usage must carry the same credit.
  • Models wishing to use images on Z-Cards are more than welcome to, please send us a preview copy where possible for our records.
  • Stylists wishing to use these images as references are welcome, but if used for presentations, please utilise our regular credit line and event name.

Commercial usage:

  • This is defined as usage of ANY ramp photograph from ANY fashion week used for commercial purposes, whether advertising, instore, etc.   This can be in print, outdoor or even online.
  • We usually do not mind this, however model agencies reserve the right to bill you for usage.
  • Therefore, to avoid the million emails later, please ask BEFORE any commercial usage.
  • Any commercial usage without express written permission from SDR Photo and the model's agency concerned attracts 300% usage rates billed.

Many thanks for following these guidelines.   All usage of images from this site will assume that the person(s) using the images have read and understand these Usage Terms.

But all of that said, we love you using our images, and they're always here for you to use.  Simply please stick by our guidelines, let us know where they're used (so we can brag back to the events / designers!) and we're always happy to keep on supplying them!



SDR Photo team